Collaborating with Kollasch Urban Influence

The Urban Influence team met with Head Chef Thomas Kollasch to go over his initial concepts for the restaurant that would eventually become Juno. The restaurant is to located in the beautiful Arctic Club Hotel in downtown Seattle. He came to us with many ideas sparking a long dialog about what it was he wanted the restaurant to become.

After exploring different concepts, it became evident that the core ingredient to the Juno Restaurant was to use the freshest produce and best meats provided from local sources. By doing this, the menu would become highly seasonal depending on what the harvest was at the time.

This all culminated in the adventurous idea of “Chasing the Bounty of the Seasons”. This idea became the driving force for the Juno Restaurant brand. When you combine this concept with the creative excellence of a chef like Thomas Kollasch in the kitchen, the result is one that everyone will enjoy.

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