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The Challenge

When it came to MBA admissions, Admissionado had a strong brand that grew organically over time. Since the inception of their brand, they have expanded their offerings (college admissions) and refined their approach (and had the evidence and credibility to stand behind it); and they wanted a new brand to reflect that.

Admissionado Approach

The Approach

When we partnered with Admissionado on their project, we started with identifying the core tenets of their brand: trust and effective guidance. Wwe wanted to convey that they get results, but without making promises. We dove into their audiences and made sure that the brand and voice would appeal to both students and parents.

For the logo, we wanted something that gave a collegiate feel, but also showed the two sides of the A coming together to signify the partnership they create with their clients. For the interactive part of their brand, we focused on taking all of their great content and restructuring it in a way that was intuitive for their two different services – college and MBA admissions.

Admissionado Identity Admissionado Identity Admissionado Identity Admissionado Identity Admissionado Identity
Admissionado Site

Measure of Success

When we started this project, the Admissionado team decided to test the waters with just the branding and logo development. They loved the process so much that they asked us to design and build a new version of the site. We migrated all of their content, made sure to preserve all of their current long-tail traffic and SEO goodness, and created a website that was more intuitive for their customers.

The Admissionado website has won awards including Site of the Day on CSS Design Awards and a feature on Awwwards.

Admissionado Mobile
Admissionado Tablet


Creating a distinctive modern collegiate look began with some super fresh, line-based iconography. We cooked up a series of icons and symbols to assist with site navigation and services representation. To ensure ease of use and reuse, we then rolled them all into a custom icon font… called, “Admissionadocons.”

Admissionado Iconography
Admissionado Site
Admissionado Tablet