Strategy / Interactive

The Situation

A strong belief and guiding principle we have is that clients work differently, so we work differently.

 Sometimes that means tailoring deliverables for each specific project, but for DNA, it was tailoring our process to get the best work possible. It’s not everyday we have the opportunity to work with other creative agencies and with the knowledge and understanding of how the creative process works, we were able to begin in a new way; one that ultimately allowed us to collaborate with DNA effectively and efficiently for both parties.

DNA Desktop

DNA Wireframes

The Strategy

DNA was already in the creative industry, and they were itching with their own ideas they wanted to share, they were just unsure on how to properly communicate them on the web. Starting from the concepting phase allowed us to share ideas that were more about and overarching theme, instead of specific layouts.

From the beginning, we worked together from a place of trust. Because DNA understood how important trust was in the design process, we had the creative freedom to present ideas that didn’t have a concrete path… just yet. They knew that they were in good hands, and the collaboration could begin in a better way.

DNA Desktop

DNA Desktop

The Concept

We sat down as a team (both designers and developers, principles and assistants) and started firing off ideas for better or worse. After selecting a few for further exploration, we parted ways and the designers got to work. Although DNA has an intimate knowledge of the design process, we know that communicating effectively requires visualizations, mood boards and comps. Three ideas were prepped for presentation, and included each: a mood board, quick wireframe sketches and one comped idea. They became known as: UNCOVER STYLE


DNA Desktop

The Build

The site is a super custom WordPress build, featuring a proportional layout and typographic system, a unique menu experience, a true focus on content, and plenty of css / svg interactions and animations. To give DNA full control over their content and story, we created drag and drop modules out of the primary UI patterns. This allows any member of the DNA team to easily create and customize new portfolio entries in an intuitive and code free manner.

DNA Our Work
DNA Our Work