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Sometimes the student becomes the teacher, and sometimes the Jedi just needs a clean, ultra-modern website.

Strategy, Wireframes, Interactive

2 + 2 = Formidable

Balloons and whiskey would have been nice. Formidable showed up to the party with strict branding standards — two fonts and two colors. Not a party killer by any means, but creative freedom would have a ceiling. In spite of the fact that they are a development shop for front end systems, imagery around their day-to-day work was more limited. We would have to create a visual language to embody the tech systems side of the work they do.

Formidable Banner

Your Bunker or Mine?

Formidable prefers to embed themselves in the companies they work with. They wanted to work with us in the same way. They embedded here. We embedded there. Your bunker or mine? A little bit of both, as it turned out. They hung bikes on the walls. They had standing desks. We watched them turn the morning coffee into a white-coat-and-test-tube lab science. Usually clients don’t buy us lunch, but they brought us sushi (hint, hint). The bottom line was that by spending time in their natural habitat, we really got a chance to tap into their personality.

Formidable Wireframes

A Galaxy Far, Far Away

After another cup of their magical coffee, we developed two concepts. One was inspired by a Formidable company t-shirt — pieces coming together like a puzzle, because they go into companies and bring people together around concepts, ideas and training. And then there was… outer space. Any tech geek worth his or her collection of Star Wars figurines eats, sleeps and breathes outer space. What is more “Formidable” than the great unknown of outer space, after all? The long and the short of it — they were ready to be launched into orbit around a great site.

Formidable Homepage Concept Formidable Homepage Concept
Formidable Desktop Formidable Desktop Formidable Desktop Formidable Desktop Formidable Desktop

Agility is Key

In building their new final frontier, we wanted geek cred that would hit their target audience. We set our sights on deep space and planetary exploration to fill our image black hole. We turned to vintage space-race graphics and concepts to build menus, shortcuts, and navigation. We helped with engaging web copy — cheeky, witty but also utilizing their “indoor voice.” We built it all on WordPress and really brought the designs to life. We breathed life into keyboard shortcuts and hover effects. We paid close attention to scalability across all devices and handed off control only after we assured that the ship could practically fly itself. One small site for a good company. One giant leap for all that they do.

Formidable Mobile
Formidable Browser