Molly Moons

Helping local ice cream fav Molly Moon’s to expand their beloved logo into a unified brand experience.

Branding / Collateral / Packaging

Molly Moon's Ice Cream Cups

Molly Moon's Logo

The Situation

If you live in Seattle, then you’ve heard of Molly Moons and you already know that the brand is on point. The ice cream shop qucikly became a Seattle fav by serving up a super premium product using only locally sourced ingredients. So when owner, Molly Moon Neitzel came to us looking to extend her brand, we were super excited to work off such a solid foundation.

The Truck

In a city that loves its food trucks, Molly wanted to take her show on the road. Awesome idea. The challenge – making the truck unmistakably Molly Moon’s from blocks away. So, we made it robin’s egg blue – Molly’s brand color, further detailing with snazzy scalloping and large logo decals. Kick rocks Good Humor man.

Molly Moon's Ice Cream Truck

The Pint & Cups

With Molly’s four wheel motion in full effect, it was time for packaging. Continuing the use of simple bold colors, we designed a series of to-go cups and containers – effectively transforming city strollers into walking, eating billboards.

Molly Moon's Icre Cream Packaging
Molly Moon's Icre Cream Packaging
Molly Moon's Icre Cream Packaging

Special Edition

Gift card holders and special edition lip balms (inspired by Molly’s ice creams flavors).

Where Does It Come From?

Last but not least, Molly wanted a method to communicate the regional nature of her ingredients. So, we designed an illustrated map for the stores, highlighting the farms and companies she sources..

Molly Mouse Locally Sourced Map by Urban Influence