Pronto Cycle Share

Encouraging awareness and inspiring excitement in the Puget Sound Bike Share among community leaders and consumers, alike.

Strategy, Branding, Collateral, Interactive

The Challenge

While the concept of a publicly accessible, shared bike program has been skillfully (and successfully) implemented in large urban locales, like Chicago and New York, Seattle presented unique challenges in climate, geography, and audience.

Given the novelty of a bike share in the Seattle area, the focus of those leading communications and marketing efforts had been on engaging stakeholders – community leaders and investors – not end users. And Seattleites were notably wary of the feasibility of the program in the wake of several false starts.

The PSBS needed to improve the city’s awareness of the up-and-coming transportation option and inspire confidence and excitement for the program among the likely cyclists of Seattle.

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Our Approach

Following audits of existing U.S. bike share programs and their respective markets, Urban Influence created an in-depth Brand Build, capturing what worked (and did not) for competitors, and providing a framework for branding and marketing strategy.

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“From day one, Urban Influence listened, and the result is a brand that feels timeless, local and unique, while appealing to an incredibly diverse audience.  From the visual design to the personality and voice, every detail of the brand feels intentional and well thought out.”

— Holly Houser, Executive Director of Pronto

Naming Strategy

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Active Discovery

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Community Mindedness

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Ease of use

The best names are accessible and concise, while referencing brand values in a meaningful way. The values of “active discovery” and “ease” were central to PSBS, and thus Pronto was born. Fast, global, punchy, and easy to say for both locals and non-English speaking tourists.

Pronto Emerlad City Logo

A Quintessentially Seattle Palette

Pronto hosts a Seattle-centric color palette – a nod to the local environment in the blues, greens, and grays found across the region. Striving for both brand consistency and safety, we worked with the bike producer to incorporate the brand colors into high visibility Pronto bike paint.

Pronto Branding


The kiosk signage and helmet dispensers required a delicate balance between branding and SDOT restrictions for public infrastructure signage. Restrictions limiting logo placement forced us to develop an associated graphic language of recognizable brand elements.

Pronto Bike Stand


The graphic system we created is bold, simple, and versatile enough to ensure a harmonious brand application across all touchpoints and media.

Pronto Graphics

The Website

Pronto Homepage

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Pronto pricing page

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Pronto Launch Party
Pronto Launch Party
Pronto Launch Party

Measure of Success

From Day One of launch, Pronto has successfully gained users – and ambitious ones, at that. In the first two months following the launch of Pronto, the bike share saw over 17,724 individual rides, with riders biking a combined total of 39,183 miles in just over 60 days. Needless to say, Seattle’s cyclists are engaged and engaging.

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Pronto Branding
Pronto Branding
Pronto Branding
Pronto Branding
Pronto Branding