A Blog is More Than Just a Blog

For smart companies a blog is more than just a place to post articles – it is a strategic part of their marketing. It generates traffic, creates SEO goodness (new, fresh targeted content), and is a great way to convert visitors into customers. And Redfin being one of those smart companies came to us because they wanted a fresh look for their blog, one that would allow them to capture leads, evoke the desire for visitors to engage with more of their content and further their thought leadership in the world of real estate.

The goal was to create a compelling design that would work well even without a lot imagery (since a lot of their blog posts were focused on data and information, or the pictures that were available weren’t necessarily hi-res photos). And they wanted the new design to drive more traffic back to the Redfin products and increase conversions across the site. Thankfully that is something we know how to do!

Redfin Real-Time site

Custom Ad Manager

One of the new features was to create a special “Ad Manager” inside WordPress that would allow Redfin editors to strategically advertise different CTAs depending on the context of the content. That way if they wrote an article targeted at real estate agents they could drive them to relevant Redfin products for real estate agents, similarly with home buyers and sellers. This gave them the ability to use their blog traffic and organic traffic to drive more customers to their core Redfin products. And with with flexible overrides they could control the experience across all of their content, or just specific pieces depending on their current marketing initiatives.

Redfin Site

WordPress Simplified and Customized

Whenever we create a new website for a customer our goal is to create something that they can easily customize and maintain for years after the project. With Redfin Real-Time we created different admin interfaces tailored to each section’s specific goals. Whether it was inserting data tables, working with Tableau visualizations, creating custom slideshows, or showcasing expert social feeds – we created intuitive, drag-and-drop admin interfaces that would allow editors to control all aspects of the content.

Redfin Backend