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MOZ is leader of all things SEO, hand down. When they decided to create a definitive intro to search optimization, they approached us to design and develop the Beginners Guide to SEO.

Value of SEO

While SEO inhabits the least sexy realm of designing and building stuff for the web, people have to find your awesome site in order to appreciate it. The best sites bring together design, development, content, and seo. Therefore, the Guide had to explain the value of well formed seo, in a human-friendly manner.

Are You Still Reading?

Web attention spans are low. So low that I’d be surprised if anyone made it this far down the page. Fun and playful imagery is one way to keep those scrollbars on a southern trajectory. With this in mind, we created a series of cartoony illustrations to increase on-page time of unique visitors by serving up a healthy dose of visual engagement.

Dropping Infographic Gold

Who doesn’t love a snazzy infographic? For Moz, we cooked up a series of data visualizations for that at-a-glance transmission of core seo concepts and ideas.