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The Challenge

Sprout was seeking a brand identity, including a name and logo, as well as an in-store and online experience that aligned to the brand and helped convey the company’s dedication to offering healthy, patch-to-plate lunch options. From the now-vibrant color palette to the verbiage describing the intentions driving Sprout’s founder, the company needed to promote an overarching aesthetic that engaged Seattle’s mid-day crowd to choose fresh, local options over classically sub-par meal offerings — they needed to make fresh, nutritious meals feel accessible.

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Our Approach

We were first approached with the request to craft a brand around a business plan — the name ‘Sprout’ had yet to be envisioned, and was part of the overall brand development project by the Urban Influence team.

Following the identification of a fitting name — Sprout — UI designers and strategists collaborated with Sprout’s founder to define the company’s differentiators — how they were to differ from existing luncheon options in the downtown Seattle area — to compose a brand strategy that appealed to both primary and secondary audiences, while conveying the inspiration behind Sprout. This strategic exercise led the UI team into logo design, where a clean, sans serif font and application of crisp, sprout-like detailing came together in the simple word mark logo.

A typography-centric approach was carried throughout the brand, with striking sans serif typefaces and minimalist graphic extensions gracing both the on-site and online spaces of Sprout, where UI designers created a broad collection of on-brand statements about the company, ranging from “Treat yourself” to “Located in your neighborhood.”

The design and development of the in-store and online Sprout spaces brought the last crucial breath of life to the brand; seeing the name, logo, and associated collateral placed in various mediums in support of Sprout lent the sense of tangibility to the business and its efforts that was necessary to propel the venture through the launch of its first retail location.

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Measure of Success

Several months post launch and Sprout has already seen impressive success. They’ve opened their storefront in Pioneer Square to masses of Seattleites interested in making the effort to eat “real, delicious, and smart” foods. The Urban Influence team ventured on-site to experience the brand in its entirety, and felt one of the Sprout tag lines most aptly expressed their collective impression — Sprout truly is “good, and good for you.”

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